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Travel to the Himalaya

Ingrid Jaeger has lived, worked, carried out fieldwork and research as an anthropologist, practiced yoga and trekked, climbed and guided groups in different areas of the Himalaya.


Nowhere else does she feel more at home, more at peace and more alive. She now wants to share these vibrant and truly unique places with you.


Ingrid Jaeger organizes travels for small groups with the aim to introduce you to the culture of the Himalaya, especially the Ladakhi culture in the Northwestern corner of India, bordering with Pakistan and Tibet, and the Nepali culture, and in particular the culture and life of the Kathmandu valley. 

The travels are ideal for the open-minded, independent and curious traveller interested in yoga, Hindu & Buddhist culture, Ayurveda, nature, hiking and the mythic Himalaya. 


Kathmandu - Nepal

Would you like to experience the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, with its temples and religious monuments, impressive architecture, hidden alleys and courtyards, chaotic traffic, colourful shops and at the same time practice yoga, experience the lush hills surrounding Kathmandu, with breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain range, while learning about the Nepali culture, delicious kitchen and try an ayurvedic massage?

I have a long experience organizing travels for groups, I have traveled with my own children in Nepal, and have an extensive network in Nepal, and I do my utmost to give you a life-changing experience while feeling in safe hands with me as your guide.

If you would like to do a trek or experience a safari while in Nepal,

I am also delighted to organize that for you.  


Ladakh - India


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