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I teach several different yoga styles from classic Hatha style classes with focus on strenght, balance and flexible movement to slower styles like Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.


I also teach yoga for children and yoga for elderly, private classes as well as office yoga.


I have a strong focus on a safe yoga practice, and my aim is to show you that yoga can be for all, regardless of age, gender and former experience with yoga.


I teach classes in my small studio, and other venues in the Fana & Bergen area. -see my event calendar for upcoming classes and workshops.

I also invite you to travel to the Himalaya together with me. My group travels are made to show you this beautiful area of the planet where I feel so at home. As an anthropologist, travel guide and yoga teacher, who also loves hiking and being in nature, I want to show you both the vibrant culture of the Himalaya, the religion, the nature, people, food, the colors, smells, and sounds.

During the stay we practice daily yoga that helps us to open our senses fully and take everything in. And at the same time we make room for reflection, silence and meditation, and time to digest all the impressions. 

I have been attracted to the Himalaya, its people, cultures, dramatic and extreme landscapes as long as I can remember. In my yoga practice I always try to blend in some elements of the Himalaya, whether it be burning of juniper incense, using singing bowls, gong and other Tibetan instruments, or chanting mantras.

If you feel curious about the Himalaya and would like to learn more about Ladakh, a mountain area in North-West India, bordering with Tibet and Pakistan. This is where I did my anthropological fieldwork and research in 2005/2006, you can read my master thesis Crumbling Houses - The Transformation of Ladakhi Elderhood here:

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